Laney is a 20-something girl looking to find her way in the fashion industry. She is a creator, designer and a bit of a wanderlust. On this site, you will follow the open career & diary of Laney. She introduces you to her biggest supporter and motivator, her boyfriend of four years, Dylan. Laney, as most girls lives in a fairy tale world.  Laney starts off her story by writing entries in her "Diary" while including love letters to her soulmate which defines and cultivates the feel of Dear Laney the clothing line. Laney’s style and clothing reflect her newfound skills as a designer and woman after her own heart. The hopeless romantic literally wears her heart on her sleeve for anyone in life. Welcome to her story, enjoy! 

Dear Laney is a brand of love, fashion and fun.  Our "Rad Girls" you guys, are invited to grow, learn and be The Raddest On The Planet with Laney as she moves through her personal journey of life.