Coney Island

Dear Laney,


My oh my! The weather did a complete 360 within days. One day I'm in sandals the next I'm in a coat. Sheesh! Yesterday, we wrapped up the tail end of my lookbook for 12pm In New York. Where did we shoot? My absolute favorite place in the world, Coney Island. 

I know, I know... It's just a regular boardwalk with a mini theme park? No, it's total bliss. To be able to have the fast pace city with lights, and constant movement, the trains, the excitement and to be able to take one train ride to tranquility and have a piece of mind for an hour or two is what I call a slam dunk! Brooklyn is my favorite borough for obvious reasons and just at the bottom of the borough there is my sweet sweet baby, Coney Island. To grab a nathans hot dog and ride the cyclone and daydream on the wonder wheel is hella rad! I enjoy the simple pleasures in life. 

Hobbies become careers