It's June....

Dear laney,

I can't believe its june already! 6 months into the new year and I am just getting into the swing of things lol I quit my full time job and decided to work somewhere small pt time to pay bills but to primarily focus on my sweet thing, my brand.  June is my good luck charm. its a time to start fresh, enjoy the warm weather, build Dear Laney Co, learn more, love more, enjoy every minute. 

As i sit here at 12am i think, OMG!!! did i really quit my job to pursue my passion? yes! and I feel amazing! I  trust that god will lead me into the right direction but I had to first let go of dead weight and shift my energy back to here. I was a bit distracted and stressed out. My eating habits were an issue, I was in a bad mood all the time and I finally found the courage to say ENOUGH!!!!! Sometimes at our 9-5 we reach that ceiling where you say what am I doing? I've been here a while, whats next? Do I continue to live out someone else's dreams or create my own company and push those passions?

I would rather work hard for me and fail on my own if need be because I know the reward is sweeter than any promotion or raise a corporate job could ever give me. 

Now I sit and let it all sink in pray & plan my next adventure on this wonderful journey.

I remember posting something a while ago that said "When you get scared you know you're about to do something epic" I'm ready and will be up all night burning the midnight oil. Day 2 of 30 days of Happiness project.

Dreaming awake!