Fall for me

Dear Laney,

This is the intro to my open Diary... 

For the past 3 years you've been on this crazy journey with me and I don't think I ever really explained what I was actually doing or what "Dear Laney" meant... The name "Dear Laney" came from a diary entry I wrote to myself in 2013.. I was in pretty low place, dealing with a heartbreak that at the time wasn't so bad but soon progressed a year after when the relationship ended. I was broken, lost all interest in my passion because at the the time, the source of my inspiration for my brand steamed all from him.. I wrote numerous letters to myself to cope with the pain... It's funny how in one year the greatest love of your life is gone and all of a sudden you two are strangers again.....

I titled my blog "Diary" as a place where I can write to myself and post a visual entry of my journey to becoming a designer and repairing this broken heart of mine... Just like you, we all go through it and this is what makes me feel complete, feel greater... My peace of mind is my blog and photography...Writing to my future self is my motivation and it makes the ride much more interesting... Welcome to the whimsical world of Laney aka my brain.....