Stylers Panel Tour

Hey Rad Girls and Boys, 

About two months ago, I was contacted by a Rad LA girl named Kiera about a tour she was doing across the country catering to entrepreneurs in a variety of industries. She was stopping in Philadelphia and wanted to know If I were interested in being apart of the panel for the city. At first, me being super shy spice I thought (public speaking??? me???? I'll freeze) lol.... For the past few month's I've been challenging myself to do at least one speaking event per month. This would be perfect I thought, so I agreed! I took a leap of faith and went to the event alone. I wanted to give myself that push... I didn't know anyone there so it was a great opportunity to open up and give it all I had... I tend to speak fast and low which is what I am working on... saying um and yea which is a trait I dislike, however it's great to watch myself on camera to evaluate my strengths and things I need to rid from... It was such an hour to be apart of the panel and I am extremely proud of myself and can't wait to experience this type of event again! :) 

Along side me on the Panel were two powerhouses! Salim who is the co-owner of Whimsicle (gourmet popsicles) as well as Kim who is the co-owner of Factsumo (an app where you can learn anything within 5 sessions.) We had such a great conversation as Kiera acted as mediator for the panel. I enjoyed the experience and looking forward to doing plenty more this year... 

At the event I connected with some awesome business professionals in Philly. One in specific, the entrepreneur who took these photos, Photographer Alex Mena. 

Great panel, good vibes, delicious popsicles = Perfection!! 

Until Next Time Rad GIRLS!!!