Overtime Grind

Dear Laney,


The past week has been an emotional roller coaster. I had to finalize my brunch this past Sunday and launch my site on Monday.. I think I lost my mind somewhere between product shoots and preparing gift bags lol Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit.....(this was our working table, yes we drink Rose and eat sushi its called balance) I absolutely love what I do, the rush, the pain, the stress I accept it all.. The end result is always sweeter and to cross that finish line is far more rewarding then giving up. Besides, I have an amazing team that helps me with every detail.  I worked 13 hours for 3 straight days and it paid off.. Today, is the 2nd day of spring and I am sitting in the studio thinking why the hell is it still snowing????? It's been snowing all day, sheesh!!! I'm afraid to go outside lol Thank goodness I packed my lunch & dinner. 

I am filled with so much joy lately... All my hard work is paying off and I know the future is bright... Here is my snowed in mood

Learning to smile more and stress less and it's been working out for me. Prayer works wonders... Besides, Happy girls are the prettiest. Even when you've been working overtime, end it with a smile.