BeLilly x Dear Laney

Dear Laney,

We decided to collaborate with some rad girls across the river in the DMV area, Belilly a handmade jewelry company that taps into the inner wanderlust in us all.. All Items now available for purchase and you will absolutely loveeeee them!!! We sat down with the designer herself; Rachael to give you a little background on her and how she got started!! All items are final sale and limited stock so grab your favs before they are gone!!! 


So, Rachael, tell us a little about you and how you got into making these lovely pieces?


Well for starters my name is Rachael Ferron and the creator of BeLilly Handmade. I love everything handmade and I have a old soul. My wonderful grandmother Lilly really inspired and molded me to make everything myself. When I was a child I assisted her in all her activities at her local senior citizens clubhouse. In 2015 I decided to go in business for myself to make jewelry and accessories. Why jewelry? I've been making for almost 10 years, at first it began making headbands for my fellow students and it lead to making accessories for local schools for charity. I chose to become a jewelry designer because I believe jewelry can make a statement. I also  suffered alot with wearing jewelry that really damaged and irritated my skin. In 2015 I decided to go into business for myself with the idea of making jewelry with several accommodations for everyone.


Day Job: Assistant Teaching & Security Guard

Dream job: making custom jewelry for celebrities & having a internship

Magic power: weather control, create Spring all year long

Go to look: bold colors, headwraps, sneakers with alot of accessories. 

Night look: flowing top, high waist anything, a chunky heel, cat eye liner & a bold lippy

Ultimate Style Muse: that's a tough question I'm obsessed with Erykah Badu & Grace Jones

Advice I would give my 10 year old self: Don't dim your light, let people see who you really are.

What defines a Rad Girl?: A Rad Girl is a young woman that is genuinely passionate about her dreams. She's confident in every decision she makes and has absolutely no hate in her heart.


You are definitely Rad girl and literally the!!! Thank you for sharing and creating this rad collection with us!! Can't wait to see how everything goes. Part 2 for fall?