The Raddest Girls On The Planet : Miranda (Q+A)

Dear Rad Girl,

Here it is Q& A with one of our favs, Miranda!

Laney: Congratulations on being the face of our fall, holiday and now spring 2019 collections. How does it feel to be a rad girl?
Miranda: It feels like I’m living a dream! I feel so fortunate and blessed to be included.
Laney: What does being apart of the #dearlaneygang mean to you?
Miranda: I feel like the #dearlaneygang embodies positivity, creativity, and girl power! Being a rad girl feels incredible; and to get to work with not only a talented designer but to get to know her has been such a wonderful experience.


Laney: We heard you’re getting married soon, congrats! What’s life like being engaged? Tell us all the deets.
Miranda: Engaged life has been wonderful and mildly hectic all at the same time! Wedding planning can be overwhelming but my fiancé Zach has been so helpful. I’ve been trying to remind myself to take in every moment. It’s such a special time and I’m so excited to marry my best friend.
Laney: Where did you meet your beau?
Miranda: Zach and I met when I was cocktail waitressing at a night club and he was hired to photograph the event. I saw this tall, handsome man walk by and I was like who is that? I must meet him! We’ve dated for 8 years and have been inseparable since our first date.


Laney: Where are you from?
Miranda: I grew up just outside of Harrisburg, PA in Lemoyne with my mom; who’s amazing by the way.
Laney: Why modeling?
Miranda: I’ve always loved modeling and fashion, but I’ve always held myself back. I would compare myself to others and feel like I wasn’t enough. That I wasn’t tall enough or pretty enough to do it. I lost 115 pounds and found a confidence in myself that I didn’t know could exist. I decided to push myself to try new things. I’m not sure what I was so afraid of. I feel like I got a new lease on life when I lost the weight and I don’t intend to squander it.
Laney: What is your go to look for day? For night?
Miranda: I love color! I like mixing textures and patterns together. I like to be able to take my outfits from day to night by just changing a few things. My tutus and black motorcycle boots with patterned tights are staples in my closet. Why blend in when I was born to stand out?
Laney: What inspires you?
Miranda: Getting lost in antique stores and combing through all the vintage clothing definitely inspires me. Audrey Hepburn and Kate Spade’s style has always inspired me as well. Flipping through fashion magazines with my mom is one of my favorite things to do.
Laney: What’s your 2019 goals?
Miranda: Run my first marathon for sure! That’s 26.2 miles that I won’t let pass me by again. I was going to run a marathon last year but didn’t train as much as I should have and dropped out to avoid injuring myself.
I also want to sparkle more; whether that comes in the form of actual glitter or sharing my shine with others in the form of community service.
Laney: What do you do in your downtime?
Miranda: Goodness! There’s so much! I run and workout, love to snuggle my pitbull Diesel that my fiancé and I rescued. I bake cupcakes, knit, and ride horses. I started jumping horses several months ago and I’m hooked.

image1 (3).jpeg

Laney: Coffee or tea?
Miranda: Iced coffees with extra cream and ice are my favorites!
Laney: Fav super model of all time?
Miranda: Tyra Banks! She is not only beautiful but was a role model for me growing up.
Laney: Dream vacation:
Miranda: Probably my honeymoon that my fiancé and I are planning for 2020. We are planning to spend a week in Europe. No plans, just picking several countries and going on an adventure together. We plan to spend another week with our toes in the sand on tropical beach. We haven’t picked a beach yet but are open to any recommendations.
Laney: Favorite piece from the collections you’ve modeled?
Miranda: That’s a tough one and I’d have to break it down to a 3 way tie! Sable, the black lace romper. The Dani dress and the Bella ball gown.
Laney: Three things you can’t live without? Ready? Go! Miranda: Zach, Baby bel cheese, and my glitter highlighter
Laney: Best advice to give to young rad girls?
Miranda: Anything is possible, you just need to believe in yourself.
Laney: All models have beauty tips? What’s your morning routine?
Miranda: Take care of your skin! I never walk out the door without a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. I also use bronzer and I’m currently using a liquid eyeshadow as my highlighter. I also love mascara and fun lipstick colors.
Laney: Best advice you’ve ever received.
Miranda: I used to be teased heavily growing up about my weight. My mom would tell me that kids can be cruel. She would say, “you are beautiful, you hold your head high and be proud!” I follow that advice everyday.
Laney: Tell us a secret?
Miranda: I hate the cookie part of an Oreo. Sometimes I’ll eat out the center and put the empty Oreo back together in the package.
I also have a secret dream that I want to play Maureen from the musical Rent on broadway.

Thank you Miranda!!!! You just proved how simply divine you are, and now everyone in the world will know!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! See you soon