The Raddest Girls On The Planet: @_rebeccaforce

Dear Rad Girl,

If you've been following my Diary (blog) over the past 3 years, you are familiar with this segment #theraddestgirlsontheplanet . In this series, I feature Rad Girls that are energetic, ambitious, fun, loving, uber talented, kind and artistic... I search all around social media for the raddest girls on the planet and I've came across some amazing girls I would love to share their stories with you. This month of July we have entrepreneur, stylist and writer, Rebecca Force! She's a native of our area and worked as a stylist on some of your favorite shows as well as with some of your fav celebrities.. As a newlywed, and soon to be mommy I asked Rebecca a few questions on life, love, and style. Below she dishes out all the goods, enjoy!!!

Savita Sittler Photography

Savita Sittler Photography

Q: You have such a classy style. Where are some of your favorite places to shop? What are some pieces in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?


My favorite place to shop is Last Call Neiman Marcus.  They have my favorite brands, including their in-house NM label that gives me great quality and at a lower price point then in stores.  I love my comfort shoes and keep them in my car just in case my heels expire and I need a cinderella change the big 3 are, my uggs, birks, and a pair of Melissa jellies.  When it comes to clothes right now I’m loving elegant styles in comfy fabrics. I don’t wear maternity clothing, just stretchy silhouettes that fit the bump. Some of my favorites are Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, BCBG, James Perse, and my own designs that I make out of t-shirt material.  


Q: What is your go to look for day? For night?  


I’m in a really feminine dressy place in my style right now.  It may be the pregnancy hormones but if it’s flowy, flirty, and has a pop of color I’m wearing it.  My typical Friday night outfit is an off the shoulder knit tunic over leggings and heels or a floral pattern skirt and cut out top.  I like a little wink in my outfit to highlight one feature at a time. Too many peek-a-boos in one look turns into a show.


Q: What are you listening to right now? 


Cardi B on repeat, Maggie Rodgers, and a mix of gospel music artists like Anthony Brown, Brian Courtney Wilson.


Q: What inspires you?  


Being near the Ocean – watching the waves brings out new ideas.  I’ve heard hiking and nature makes people feel closer to God. I didn’t experience that in the woods just straight up fear of bugs.  But when I moved to LA and watched the sun set, over the ocean, I knew exactly what that meant. I’m also inspired by talking to my girlfriends that also own businesses.  We have ideating sessions and help each other. I’m inspired by their drive.  


Q: Favorite style crush? 

Kahlana Barfield.  Who doesn’t love her!  She makes style look effortless, and has hit the perfect note of casual and cool. 

Victoria Beckham.  I love the way she makes sophistication look sexy.  


Q: What's something every girl should have in her summer wardrobe? 


I don’t believe in “must have” clothing items that magazines tell you to buy. You may not be a little black dress girl, you may not want to wear a denim jacket or a trench coat.  Those items are classic Americana style but not applicable to everyone. Something every girl should have in her wardrobe is an outfit that makes her feel confident. A look that makes her check out her butt because she knows she looks good!  Investing in things like a quality handbag, a great pair of shoes, and a magical bra that makes you feel like J.Lo. Those are all you need. The rest are pieces that you think you should have in your closet to make you feel your best. 


Q: What's your favorite accessory & garment from our collection? 


I adore the Sunflower dress.  And the Brill Jumpsuit with the Goldie fringe earrings…mmm gorgeous!  

Q: Tea or coffee?


But first… I need that oat milk latte.  


Q: Three things you can't live without? Ready? Go! 


Lip Balm



Q: Dating tips? 


Dating is supposed to be fun so definitely have lots of laughs!  Don’t take the process so seriously. Dating is the information gathering time, the getting to know them process and for them to get to know you too.  I tell my friends to date with the purpose of seeing if this is someone you could share your life with. But it isn’t an interview. You are not a job that needs working.  You’re looking for a Co-CEO to run your life business with. Keeping that in mind, have fun doing activities like going on adventures (hiking, biking, rock climbing), learning something new together (art gallery, museums, a cooking class).  You’ll see their personality with each challenge and activity. There’s no need to ask someone, questions that will most likely put them on the defensive like, “how do you deal with problem solving”. Instead, take them to an escape room. Don’t ask them “what’s your relationship with God”, Instead, invite them to your church.  Actions reveal more than any elegantly worded response. My top 3 tips are:

  1. Wear comfortable clothing that reflects your personality – being snatched to the gods is only for events, red carpets, and photoshoots. On a date it just causes indigestion.

  2. Listen just as much as your share.  Many people talk a lot about themselves when they’re nervous, without even knowing it.  If you find yourself going on and on, flip the subject back to your date. For example, adorable stories about your niece are cute (though they make you look like you have baby fever) so stop, then flip the attention back on him i.e., “what were you like as a kid”?

  3. When a person reveals themselves, believe them.  I’ve had experiences dating someone who says, “I’m not really looking for a relationship”, or “I don’t really believe in marriage” or, “I’m not too big on kids”.  If you agree with what your date is saying, keep on seeing them. But if your date casually says something that to you, is a tiny yet still very vibrant red flag…run girl.  The thing you ignore today will be the reason you break up a year from now.

  4. Don’t talk about Exes (or past relationships).  Why should you? It is only old information that you will use to make a new judgement.  My husband and I made the conscious decision that all of our past relationships helped prepare us for meeting one another.  Bringing up ol’ girl and that dude is like watching reality tv together. Strangely therapeutic but also not the best use of time.  


Q: What does it mean to you, to be the raddest girl on the planet? 

It’s an honor to be recognized by Dear Laney and supported by other female entrepreneurs.  To be called Rad brings back memories from junior high, Lisa Bonet, and notions of what it means to be stylish.  For my fellow rad girls out there reading this it means, it’s our time to shine for being who we were made to be.  Keep creating your art, even if you think no one sees it – you are inspiring someone!  


What a sweetheart!! Thank you Rebecca for sharing some tips with us! I can’t wait to sit down and speak more on your story!!