Holiday With Laney

A Chic Dress for Every Rad Girl’s Holiday Party


It’s November - and if you are a lover of parties, the holidays or both - the holiday turn-ups will soon begin, if they haven’t already!


Every rad girl, who loves making sure she is as chic as possible for every occasion, has already started brainstorming her holiday party outfits. Over at Dear Laney Co., we have a gorgeous pre-holiday items for our rad girls so you all don’t have to sweat it.


A look we know all rad girls will love has an authentic west coast vibe thanks to its versatility and timelessness. The Laney dress was created locally in Philadelphia, PA. She is made in all colors and fabrics such as chiffon, midnight blue and caramel to complement your style for all seasonal occasions.



The Laney dress is every rad girl’s dream signature staple piece come alive. The dress is best known for her romantic and flattering silhouette. She complements any and every woman - no matter her size, shape or height. This dress is the perfect weapon for every rad girl to have in her styling arsenal this holiday season because of its unique features.


Although chic, all true rad girls love to eat good food. With all the dinner parties and holiday treats you are bound to be offered, chubby cheeks and swollen stomachs are something you will have to deal with. Laney offers you a piece of mind by flattering your waistline with her wrap tie feature. It allows you to appear slimmer, while the elegant drape of the dress accents your not too perfect areas.


Laney assures every rad girl to have a great time and look great, too. We love wearing Laney as a robe, swimsuit cover up, date night dress and formal attire, once paired with the perfect accessories. You can dress Laney up or down depending on the occasion and how you rock it.


For the spring, you can wear Laney with a light denim jacket, black choker and a pair of flats or wedge ankle boots. Around this time of the year, you can a short or long thick cardigan with some bling, sparkly jewelry and heels to match so your whole look can pop like New Year’s Eve! Laney is made for year-round wear, gives you quality and quantity with one piece.


The Laney dress is perfect for the holiday seasons because you can transition from day to night with her. On occasions like Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and all the holiday office parties in between, most rad girls won’t have time to do an outfit change.



Holiday parties can start as early as brunch and carry on throughout the day into the night and early morning. Because of this, you want to make sure that you have the right look that suits every event you have to attend for the day.


Laney is an ideal dress for an eventful day because she effortlessly transitions from sunrise to sunset. Earlier in the day, you can wear your essential winter outerwear over Laney such as cardigans, jackets and throws. Toward the evening, you may want to switch it up by putting on a leather jacket and some dressy boots for cocktail parties and happy hours.


If you love Laney as much as we do, check back at our site on Thanksgiving Day for the launch of our holiday collection. Every rad girl is sure to find a dress, jumpsuit or outfit to add to her closet. If you need more than just one holiday look before Thanksgiving, Dear Laney Co. currently has new pre-holiday items such as vintage, handsewn sequin jackets for purchase here.


All items by Dear Laney Co. are made in the United States, sourced and created for all rad girls across the world who choose being chic and timeless over trendy any day.