Model In The Morning


I recently had the opportunity to shoot with a newbe to the model game, Shevon from Long Island. She's gorgeous, sweet, silly and loads of fun, she's embodies everything that is Dear Laney and it has been my pleasure to work with her. Shevon, or as she would like to go by; "Shev" is the new face of my current collection as well as our "2am collection" to launch in February.  I wanted to introduce a new segment to our "Raddest Girls On The Planet" with an inteview. The models I choose are always carefully selected not by their look but the energy and personalities. Looks come second, anyone can be pretty but not everyone can give off great energy in person and through photography.  Let's meet this Rad Girl, Shev! 

•So, who is Shevon? What else do you go by? 

I’m Shevon, a girl from everywhere that enjoys the simple things in life, I also go by Shev, Shevy,


•how old are you?


•where are you from?

Long Island, NY

•where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Graduated from college, in my own place successfully in my career

•favorite drink from Starbucks? 

Mmmmm, either the Chai Tea or the Strawberry acai refresher

•describe your personal style

It’s more of like a tomboy-ish yet girly in a way….I don’t know how to describe it .

•what are you in school for?

Criminal Justice

•who's your role model?

Mmm don’t really have one

•what would your bestie say about you? 

I’m a very laid back, chill, down-to earth, sarcastic, intelligent, energetic, great personality, funny,


•fashion muse? 

Definitely Rihanna or SZA

•tell us a secret?

I’ve never been the one behind the camera, actually really shy… ahah but I can sing just A little.

•if you could have a super power what would it be? 

To fly or be invisible

•why are you one of the raddest girls on the planet? 

I’m laid back, very chill and loves good vibes. To me a radd girl is someone who can both have fun and

be chill at the same time. People love being around her.

•celebrity crush? 

Jason Momoa, Kid Cudi, Drake honestly so many

Thank you Shev for catching up with me! First time model is still shocking because you're sooooo good, can't wait to see whats next from you and follow your journey!