Pump It Up!

Dear Laney,

It's 2am and I've realized that I suck at keeping up with my entries and I need to start it back up... It's three days before my pop up shop and I'm too excited to sleep... I'm too anxious and literally counting down the minutes.. I thought it would be rad to have this end of summer sale whilst introducing my Pre fall collection. It's a bit of a mix between downtown romance and a splash of sass. I am so proud of this collection titled 8pm In RIttenhouse, inspired fully by my city, Philadelphia. My dream pursued. Can't wait to reveal my pieces to each rad girl that stops by! My story is Her-story. 


Info below!! Stop by and shop, chat, dance, sip mimosa's or straight champs with me! It's going to be tons of fun!!! See you this Saturday, August 13th!