Date Night

Dear Laney,

Sundays are my favorite day, I always try to make that my date day. It's the beginning of a new week, gives you a chance to really wind down, focus, relax and plan for the new week. I love to say #sundaysareforlovers because it is..... You get to sleep in, cuddle with your honey and pig out or drink bottomless mimosa's (my personal favorite). ;) 

This past Sunday, my man & I tried out a new place called Ochatto. It's a hip hot pot restaurant in University city in Philadelphia. WE LOVEEEEEEEEEE hot pot so it comes as no surprise that we had to check this place out. 

It was delicious!! Hot pot is fun and you get to pig out without anyone knowing because you cook the food at your table. We added an array of meats and seafood with veggies! The broth was hot and spicy and when I say spicy (mouth watering) order water!! lol We enjoyed the food and the amazing service, will try to get back there soon....

Afterwards my man decided he wanted something sweet so we stopped by a local restaurant to get ice cream. We opted for a banana split crepe and it was the best thing since pants with pockets!! Bad for my diet lol (I know, we're all on a diet right?) but good for your sunday heart. 


Hope your weekend was swell, remember to make sunday's perfect and make it about your love!