A New York Minute

Dear Laney,

By now, if you haven't realized how obsessed I am with NYC you're about to figure it out now. lol NYC aka my boyfriend, is probably the most amazing city in the world. I've traveled to many places but nothing beats the fast pace, bright lights, the street carts with warm peanuts, the train rides full of characters, the fashion, the culture of New York. When I arrive each time it feels like I am born again going through the tunnel at full speed is like being in a birth canal and when you shoot right out its like wow, this is amazing. I can't wait to explore....

But first, STARBUCKS!!!!!! We made it just in time for Starbucks Frappy Hour... Half off frapps tastes so much better when they are $2.60 and in Tribeca 

Shevon and I had a dinner date at the sugar factory and it was splendid! The first time I went was in Miami, I was so ill I couldn't enjoy it... This time was theee best!!! Ok, so, they are famous for their goblets and we couldn't resist. I ordered the raspberry watermelon mojito and it was OH EM GEEEE good!!!! The waitress knew we were eager to record the process of the dry ice bubbling and did it without a peep. Love people who are kind enough to allow me to get the right shot lol 

A few photos I short after dinner. Great day to visit the city and get some good food. I wore a distressed denim hat from my RGO collection (available soon) as well as my Brielle tulle skirt, which was all the rave. Fun & flirty Carrie Bradshaw vibes...