Creative Carpet

Dear Laney,

It's only one place that I can create and believe it or not its the floor.. I have pretty cool furniture.. However, being on my little fluffy carpet heightens my creative juices and it makes the process so much sweeter... I brew some coffee, turn on my record player and sit down with my laptop, sketchbook and a pencil and start creating... 

image1 (4).JPG

One day, I'll get a desk and I'll probably never sit at it lol I've interviewed interns from the floor, package orders, sent out emails any and everything I'll do from this carpet... humble beginnings. I'll have a place for you to sit if you promise to dance with me for about one song when you come to my Atelier. My boots,  I got for 10 dollars at the thrift store and I've been wearing them for 8 years lol somethings  you just can't throw away. They are my lucky boots.  The bags pictured are for 14 sweethearts at Springfield high that I spoke with in January. I love the youth and figured I'll hook them up with some rad girl flava!!!! Hope they enjoy!!!  Love you, mean it! P.S have you check out "The Rad Girl Shop". Cuteness overload! And free shipping until we launch next week, so hurry and snag your favs!