Garden State SS18 Video

Dear Laney,

Two sunday's ago, I met with my amazing team @iamsalenabeans + @stoney.petite and now my new favorite videographer @visbydak. Although it was freezing cold the girls managed to make it seem as if it was 75 degrees out haha, they are professionals!  My vision for this shoot was to make as fun, carefree and lively as possible. Dear Laney represents the wanderlust on the go, who daydreams on the regular but also a badass who gets the job done. This video captures the essence of those qualities and shows you that its ok to have fun.. It goes to show that you don't have to be serious all the time, loosen up, life isn't hard. Just live! Hope you guys enjoy! It's two parts so sit tight for the entire video.. 


xo Laney