Lace + Kimonos


Dear Laney,

March is my favorite month. Besides being my bday month, it's January to me. The new beginnings, it's the start of my brand, my life, pretty much all things related to me begins in March! Ha! The weather breaks, the flowers blossom... The warmth of the seasons changing puts me in such a happier state. To lay out in the grass and gaze at the crystal blue sky is refreshing. To sit by the waterfront and sketch, to sit on my roof top in a bra I designed and kimono drinking coffee without a care in the world.... My Priceless moments.... Moments I wish I could bottle up forever. Inspiration is all around nowindays. I needed it, I yearned for these days and sometimes I think the universe knows and gives me all the sunshine at the right times... ☀️

It's something about lingerie and natural light that gets me...

"Hobbies become careers"