Who is Laney?


Dear Laney,

My open diary...... I know sometimes people wonder, "what's Dear Laney?" What does it mean? Who is Laney?

I am hear to clear it all up...

My name is Laney and this is my life in a nutshell. I'm an aspiring Fashion Designer here in Philadelphia. I am a wanderlust at heart. So, maybe, this is me dreaming awake. I write down everything. I'm almost finished my 3rd spiral book full of letters, to myself. This open diary is my platform, my voice, my mind it's here where you can read about my career, my brand, my love life, the whole enchilada!! Sometimes I'll make sense, most of the time I won't. That's me. I'm not perfect, but I dream... I dream so hard and I work just as hard to mean those dreams and live them aloud. To those who think fashion isn't a career is pretty cray cray. It's my life..... I need it. In two weeks, March 19th, I'll launch my Spring collection (Garden State). I am so excited my cheeks hurt from smiling. Oh the joys of living your dreams awake and pushing your passions...

Hobbies Become Careers




Photo By: Ryan Powell