April 1st

Dear Laney,

Sunday, April 1st, Easter!!! 🐣 What a beautiful day!! March seemed like one of my most productive months. Its my January and I totally rocked it! I couldn't be more proud of myself. Keeping up the momentum and taking all of you on my adventure day by day... I've been struggling with the interior design of my atelier and I finally came up with a concept and I am eager to show it to you gals... Recently, I sparked an interest in learning French. I believe since I am in fashion, its a must to learn and at least speak basic conversation. As I am listening on French 101 on tidal I was on the phone with my uncle telling him all my ideas. We came up with a design concept and wanted to try.. My uncle, is an artist and loves art as much as I do.. Art is life, it's how we communicate and I adore being an artist. I told him about my French obsession, vintage, and garden adoration and he said "What about fleur de lis?" I said, omg yessss!! Let's do it on the walls, because honestly the white walls made me feel like I was in an asylum.. He came over on Good Friday, we took a trip to the hardware store and was inspired. Picked up some paint swatch books and used them as stencils for our fleur de lis, because I am obsessed with gold did them across the walls of atelier. Do you loveeeee?? It almost looks like wallpaper, right? 

I also decided to add them on my coffee table which I actually did by mistake and ended up loving it!!!!!!!!!! My favorite piece in the Atelier right now!