Dear Laney,

Between packing orders, promotions, designing my next collection, while trying to have a personal life I am pooped! lol I've been trying to juggle all of these hats and I am starting to think I need to hire an assistant to take off the stress and divide up my workload. I've danced with the thought earlier this year but didn't feel like I was ready for another one. It's a lot of work training and learning to trust a person with your business that you worked so hard for... I think I'll post the job and have faith that the right person will come along at the right time.. This isn't an easy job , it's stressful at times, you're not always pretty, sometimes you miss lunch Because you're working. It takes sacrifice and long hours so an assistant would have to be ok with that.. I am also a fair leader and try my best to balance work/life :P ... I am going to faith it and continue to drink my caramel macchiatos until he or she comes along.... The best is yet to come!!! Here is a photo of me smiling and pretending I don't have a million things to do lol...