Phase 4 In Business

Dear Laney,

   Hobbies Become Careers has been my mantra for so many years now and its plastered on my studio walls. I feel that in order to become successful you have to do something you truly love and master your craft.. I started fashion by quitting my corporate job to work in retail just to get my foot in the door because to be honest, I toyed with the idea of fashion school and the end result of being almost 50k in debt in 4 years would make me extremely depressed...I decided I had to learn the old fashion way. I dove first hand into what I thought was fashion.. I wanted to learn everything and luckily in today's time we have youtube, and audio books and social platforms to learn all we can for free so I took full advantage and it has payed off...


     For the past couple of weeks I've been soooo stressed from creating and designing 3 collections, limited staff, creating sets and styling it's been a bit nerve wracking especially trying to maintain a social life and personal one lol... I've been literally sitting on the floor in the dark just thinking and planning....Someone once told me when you feel like your back is against the wall and everything is happening you know you're on to something amazing. I am currently looking to build the strongest most raddest team to take us through phase 4 as we sneak up to year 5 in business.. It won't be easy but I am up for the challenge!! I am grateful God chose this journey for me and that I know it's all in his plan. Trust the process!!! Ready to turn those hobbies into careers!!