What To Wear And Expect At A Casting Call?

Dear Laney,

Sunday, June 10th  I'll be hosting a casting call at my atelier to search for fresh faces for 3 upcoming collections.. I've been getting tons of questions from newer models and I thought it would be helpful to share some insider points on what to wear, what to expect when going to a casting....

  • Arrive Early - There will be many models gunning for the job, you always want to arrive first just to set a fresh and good impression.. you'll be one of the first models there so it's time to shine bright! 
  • Simple Outfit - Clothing must be simple, clean and form fitting. Don't wear anything distracting because you want all eyes on you and not your outfit. Jeans – fitted or skinny and in dark denim is best. A simple top –tank top or simple tee. No logos, think about it you're auditioning for a brand. Not wise to come in other's. 

No Gum - I know this may seem like a no-brainier but chewing gum isn't professional.

  • No Make-up - You're there to show your natural state.. We understand you want to look your best but a model casting or go-see isn't the place to come all glamed up. Save that for the shoot! We need to see your skin and face to better prepare get the correct make up for your skin so bare to no make up is expected.
  • Heels - We all know that height is crucial for models, so when attending a casting, models typically follow one rule: The bigger the heels, the better. Aside from adding inches of height, heels also typically make the wearer's body appear much more elongated - it's not surprising models are always wearing them.
  • Attitude - I know standing around waiting your turn is nerve racking. However, be mindful there will be a time where a model might take a little longer auditioning. Do not get an attitude or sassy during the process because you will be asked to leave and disqualify you from the job.
  • Pay -  Everyone hates this question. Will I be paid?  If you're a new model there may be another incentive, like trade for port.. Which is a term meaning you get to use the photos taking of you for your portfolio as well. Otherwise if you are an established model you should discuss pay once you audition. There may be another incentive with clothes, or exposure all depends on what is expected from you and up to you to determine if it's right for you. 
  • A Call Back- On average the casting judges deliberate pretty quickly expect a call within 3 days of your casting. 
  • Have fun- If this is your passion, enjoy it! Have fun! absorb all the knowledge so you can become a pro! 

Hopefully this was helpful! See you gals this sunday!!