Dear Laney,

Sunflowers are my favorite flower.... They stand stall, shine the brightest and can put a smile on anyone's face within a second. I try to incorporate them in every collection.. On Mother's Day 3 years ago I shot with Photographer Ryan Powell and Model Sholai... It was a spare of the moment type of shoot and was so much fun... We found a lot with greenery and shot for 2 hours... No plans to make anything out of them just to shoot the sunflowers along with the Laney dress shown in multi-print.... I haven't styled my own shoots since then... I miss it a little.. Styling & blogging is where I stared, I kind of fell into design and creative direction... Sometimes it's good to get back to your roots, get inspired and have some fun without being so serious in business... I keep sunflowers around me to remind me that it's ok to let your hair down, laugh, enjoy the moment.. Life isn't serious, have fun!